Why should we work with redheart media?

If big production companies are taking up all your resources and not producing the desired effect. Not getting you noticed nor making anything new and exciting.

Influencers on the other hand can be a hit or miss. They can’t produce full campaigns by themselves.

We have the creativity and flexibility of influencers combined with the power of a marketing house. We create effective content fast and know how to best push it to your audience.

Is Redheart Media a local or national agency?

Most of our content creation work is done independently and remotely. We’ve worked with brands from the U.S as well as Europe.

We do have access to a pool of talent in Los Angeles.

Travel is a huge part of our job so it's not a problem to arrange a meeting in your city or to shoot in a specific location.

How is Redheart Media different from other agencies?

We focus entirely on creating engaging and effective content that’s tailor made for your target audience.

This allows us to make daring content that has huge viral potential.

Then delivering it in the best way possible to get views, build your brand and sell product.

How much does it cost?

Price depends largely on the goal of the campaign. With a bigger budget we can provide more value, more content and more visibility. But we also understand tighter budgets and can scale our production down accordingly.

If I honestly think I can't provide enough value, I will not take you on as a client. In the long term it will be better for both of us. - Jesse

I’ve heard that you did work for brand X why don’t you showcase it in the gallery?

We respect our contracts and give the right to our customers to choose if they want to share our work.

Some clients decide to share our work as their own, while some want to make it look like user-generated content.

For public work done by Jesse Redheart check out his site: redheartlife.com

How do you usually work with clients?

After you contact us and we discuss the type of content you want, We start researching and planning our photo/video shoots.

If you want to be more involved, we’ll update you throughout the process and send the final photos/videos for review.

If you’d rather just let us do what we do best, that’s perfectly fine too. No further involvement needed. We can even sign NDA’s.

Be Daring, Go Viral